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As a leading name for not only tuning but also mobile tuning in Chester, Warrington, and Wrexham, our approach to performance improvements is not only personalised but safe in terms of proven enhancements that are reliable and matched to the other components of your car. We have the most refined car tuning in Chester, Warrington, and Wrexham; so if you are looking for tuning specialist near you, come to us; we guarantee quality.

We offer the best power upgrades and performance programs having been in the industry for many years. We have established ourselves as the top name for performance upgrades, and as an organisation we only work with the best tuning partners who offer our software all around the world. This is why we have the top name for mobile tuning in Chester, Warrington, and Wrexham.

- More Power

- Better MPG

- Better Throttle Response

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Stage 1 is designed to work on a stock vehicle; using all stock hardware and requiring no supporting modifications

Stage 2 requires supporting breather mods; such as an exhaust, a decat or sports cat; and usually some sort of intercooling upgrade.

About DervTech

Knowledge is Power.

We've got over 30 years experience of tuning vehicles, and some top notch data-logging kit. Let us help advise you!

Covering the North West

We cover the North West of England. We offer mobile on-road bespoke tuning, and also support an expansive dealer network.

Industry leading equipment

We use an array of industry leading flashing and datalogging equipment to enable us to safely and effectively tune your vehicle to achieve the best possible results.

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Bosch, Siemens, old, new...

We are just as comfortable tuning vehicles from 20 years ago as we are tuning the latest Direct Injection systems fitted to modern BMW / MINI platform vehicles.

Petrol or Diesel

Whether it runs on petrol, or diesel, if it's natually aspirated, supercharged or turbo. We can help!

Any vehicle... (almost).

Whether you drive a BMW, AUDI, Volkswagen, Peugeot, MINI, Ford or something a bit less mainstream, we've probably tuned one before!

various screens used for tuning
Our Equipment

We have invested thousands in industry leading equipment to ensure we have every tool available to get the job done.

Software Solutions

Whether you're in the motor trade or a keen enthusiast, we can offer software to address DPF, EGR and AdBlue issues, along with fault code removal too!

On site & Remote

We travel out to you and provide a custom road tune, or you can use one of our network of tuners who proudly offer our software around the world!

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