At Dervtech, we pride ourselves on our ability to help you to achieve your goals with your car, drawing on a wealth of knowledge collectively gained over some 30 years.

Whether you are after a moderate performance increase on a standard car, or are looking to bring together an array of modifications, we are well equipped to help you to achieve your goals.

Based on the outskirts of Manchester, our facility allows us to cater for most of our customer requirements, ranging from basic servicing, fabrication, hardware supply and installation, and ecu recalibration to tie together any modifications

We carry our bespoke ECU calibrations on our 4-wheel-drive dyno using an array of industry leading flashing and datalogging equipment. Each tune is developed in house to ensure it extracts the best possible performance, whilst ensuring vehicle health and longevity aren’t compromised.

Get in touch now to discuss your needs and see what hidden potential your vehicle may have!