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Hi, and thanks for visiting the page. Here you'll find information about what we offer here at DervTech including products & services for your vehicle, along with access to our online 'self tuning' services.

Whether you are after a moderate performance increase on a standard car, or are looking to bring together an array of modifications, we are well equipped to help you to achieve your goals. Check out the gains for your vehicle, using our online vehicle lookup!

Based on the outskirts of Manchester, our facility allows us to cater for most of our customer requirements, ranging from basic servicing, fabrication, hardware supply and installation, and ECU recalibration to tie together any modifications

About DervTech

Knowledge is Power.

We've got over 30 years experience of tuning vehicles, and some top notch data-logging kit. Let us help advise you!

Based in Manchester

We are based just outside of Manchester, in the North of England. We offer onsite, and remote tuning packages. We also make a mean 'cuppa.

Industry leading equipment

We carry our bespoke ECU calibrations on our Bosch 4-wheel-drive dyno using an array of industry leading flashing and datalogging equipment.

Check us out on the dyno on YouTube.


Bosch, Siemens, old, new...

We are just as comfortable tuning vehicles from 20 years ago as we are tuning the latest Direct Injection systems fitted to modern BMW / MINI platform vehicles.

Petrol or Diesel

Whether it runs on petrol, or diesel, if it's natually aspirated, supercharged or turbo. We can help!

Any vehicle... (almost).

Whether you drive a BMW, AUDI, Volkswagen, Peugeot, MINI, Ford or something a bit less maintream, we've probably tuned one before!

On site & Remote

While we would always prefer to have your vehicle here on the dyno; we appreciate some people can't always get to us. We offer remote tuning packages for certain vehicles, allowing you to tune your own car on the drive!

various screens used for tuning
Workshop Services

We have invested thousands in a fully equipped workshop, we can help with all requirements from engine rebuilds to race car preparation.

Hardware & Software

We can help with physical hardware modifications, such as exhaust upgrades; hybrid turbochargers as well as ensuring that the ECU and software are properly to suit.

Repair services

Want to tune your car; but have some issues? We can help rectify boost leaks, and carry out walnut blasting on modern Direct Injection vehicles before tuning..

Upgrade further

If we've helped you upgrade your vehicle in the past; we can usually help with further upgrades if you get bored....

Recent Projects

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