MINI F54, F55, F56 "B48" Tuning Guide

Got an F series MINI (B48) and want to take it to the next level? No problem!!

The BMW MINI is already an extremely capable hot hatch. With the range topping JCW giving 230HP out of the box, couple that with proper handling.. they are ripe for more power!

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We are able to help with most types of upgrade, including hardware such as intercoolers, exhausts, bigger turbos and forged engine builds.


We know both the MEVD17 & MG1 ECU's inside out. Whether you just want tuning, or you want switchable power modes, with launch control, pop and bang over run etc.. it's no problem!

Check out our F56 Tech videos, on the dyno, on YouTube.

'Stage 1' - Tuning a stock car.

Estimated Power, Cooper S: 270HP, JCW: 295HP
MINI on dyno

Big Big Power and Torque Gains!

The B48 engine is BMW's 'modular' 4 cylinder turbo unit and comes in a variety of power outputs.. In both the Cooper S and JCW, the engine is massively detuned in this platform and as such HUGE gains are available..

We carefully recalibrate the stock ECU just as the factory do, which ensures not only smooth progressive power, but also that factory features such as the power and torque gauges still work (although they are recalibrated to the new power levels!). In addtion, all stock safety features are left in place, meaning all factory knock control, and overboost protection still work.

As can be seen from the dyno plot; right from the off there are huge torque gains of 90-100NM, and peak power gains of 60/70HP!

Stock car vs Stage 1 Tuning

Dyno plot showing stage 1 vs stock power on F56 MINI JCW

'Stage 2' - Basic Bolt ons.

Estimated Power, Cooper S: 300-310HP, JCW: 320+HP

Drop the temperatures, make more power.

With huge chunks of power already found with the stage 1 tuning, you could be forgiven for thinking there wasn't much else to give.. Well, with an upgraded intercooler to drop the inlet temperatures, a decat (or a sports cat) to drop the exhaust gas temperature and some cooler spark plugs, there's yet more power and torque available!

With the catalyst removed (or a sports cat fitted), we don't need to run the mixture so rich (for cooling); this in iteself yeilds a bit more power.. couple this with better intercooling, the lower temperature charge air is more densely packed with oxygen, more oxygen = more ability to burn fuel = MORE POWER. A touch more boost, some slightly more aggressive ignition timing and further optimised inlet and exhaust cam timing give further gains still.

Again, the dyno plot tells the story here. We gain a good chunk of torque low down; and carry extra power all the way to the red line. Coupled with the lower temperatures, this is a win win!

Intercooler fitting on F56 Mini Cooper S

Stage 1 tune, vs Stage 2 Package

dyno plot, Stage 1 vs Stage 2 F56 MINI

Check out this 'stage 2' Tech video..

Hybrid Turbocharger

Estimated Power, JCW: 350HP
(not suitable for a stock B48A20A Cooper S)
F56 Hybrid Turbo Charger

Maximum power, for your JCW.

If you want to squeeze even more power out of your MINI, then a hybrid turbo is the way to go. At 'stage 2' the stock turbo is almost flat out and certainly outside of it's peak efficiency window. As such, any more power requires a bigger turbo, to get more, dense, oxygen rich air into the combustion chamber.

Unfortunately, due to the higher compression in the Cooper S (11:1 vs JCW 10.2:1) it's not possible to safely run this kind of power, but with the JCW you can expect big gains in power up towards the top of the RPM range. Couple this with an upgraded clutch (manual only), and you can pick up massive torque gains through the mid range too!

This dyno plot shows the same car, before and after fitting the bigger turbo. This is the safe, sensible limit of a stock clutch and engine in a JCW.. but with 355HP, and over 480NM on tap... this car was unbelievably fast!

Same car, before and after fitting Hybrid Turbo

dyno plot, showing Hybrid turbo before and after

Forged Engine...Things are getting serious.

Estimated Power, Cooper S / JCW: 380HP+

Want to really push the limits?.

If you are the type of person who has to take stuff up to the next level; then going with a forged engine, and big hybrid turbo is the only thing that might get your juices flowing.. Using all the mods from the prevous 'stages' and coupled with low compression forged pistons, and forged con-rods will allow the ability to run much more boost and thus more torque and more power.

Obviously, there are downsides... you can't have your cake and eat it! Building an engine, especially with uprated components isn't cheap. In addition, lowering the compression of the engine means that 'off boost' performance suffers; adding some 'turbo lag' to the power curve.. That said, once on boost - there are significant performance gains.

As usual, the dyno plot shows all.. We lose a bit of torque and response low down in the RPM range however, once up past 3500RPM the gains just keep on coming - on the example given, singing out to 382HP @ 6500RPM!

Forged Engine Components

JCW Stage 2, vs Forged engine / Hybrid Turbo

dyno plot, forged turbo vs stage 2 tuning

Stock Cooper S, vs Forged engine / Hybrid Turbo

dyno plot, forged turbo vs stage 2 tuning

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